ANDRÉ DAIGLE, YTT-200 & Naturopath PractitionER  

As the Operations Officer, Shannon manages ​facilities & operations, instructor training, manages the volunteer program and approves class scheduling

After spending 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Shannon has finally able to follow her heart and Laluna Yoga is the result! She has been practicing yoga for 15 years and is certified in both the Yin and Yang traditions. Her practice and teaching is greatly influenced by the Kripalu lineage, Paul Grilley and her own teacher, Stephanie Calhoun. No two bodies are the same and therefore no two people will look the same in a yoga pose. "We need to make the pose serve the practitioner. Not the other way around." 

Shannon Reid, BSc., RYT-200 + 100hr Yin 
Operations Officer

André coordinates instructors & classes, organizes series and manages client relations at Laluna Yoga.

​Yoga has been part of André's life now for several years now. "Before becoming a yogi, I grew up with obesity. At 14 I had enough and decided to change, lost a 100lbs and turned into a competitive athlete in many sports for over 20 years," he says.  That led to his passion and career into personal training and nutrition. ​"After practicing yoga for a while I started experiencing unusual things. That led to different kinds of help for me. Yin yoga combined with Reiki and therapy enabled me to let go slowly of what was holding me back and become myself." (Read more about André's story here.)

Carol Cottrill, Certified barre Instructor

Marketing OFFICER

Carol assists Shannon with operations as well as managing marketing – social media, website, flyers/posters, design/printing of promotional materials, etc.​ She rediscovered yoga four years ago when she joined Laluna Yoga, but she was introduced to yoga for the first time in her teens while she was still dancing competitively, to increase her flexibility and reduce stress. She appreciated Laluna's philosophy and the friendships she developed at the studio. "Laluna isn't just about the classes you attend. It's a community," she says. That community encouraged her to share her love of dance and she recently completed her American Barre Technique training. She is excited to share that with her fellow yogis. 

Colette St. Pierre, 500 YTT

Administration OFFICER

Colette St. Pierre has not been a long term yoga practitioner but upon retiring a few years ago she decided to follow her passions. Travelling came first followed quickly by an interest in the world of yoga. Thinking she would combine the two she decide to do her 500 hour Yoga Teachers Training in the birth place of the art; Rishikesh, India. She not only fell in love with India but also with her people and her true love affair with yoga took root in the foothill of the Himalayans.

Colette coordinates all record keeping for Laluna Yoga with DancEast and provides a monthly update to the team and manages our accounts payable.