No two bodies

are alike.

We are a boutique studio offering one class a day. Each class offers  something a little different. Our experienced team monitors the energy in the room and is motivated by you to provide the class you need, whether you are an experienced yogi, or a beginner.


We teach the person, not the pose.

We deeply believe that everyone will have a slightly different conformation in a given posture. Akin to that, everyone is at their own place on their yogic path and so we encourage our students to progress at a pace that is right for them, not what is right for the person at the next mat.

Our teachers and staff are committed to creating a welcoming, safe environment where all students at all levels have their specific needs met. All levels are welcome in each class, as modifications are always offered to suit different needs.

We teach the student, not the pose.

Our bodies

are unique. 

And neither are

our classes.