The most important rule at Laluna Yoga is to bring a smile and to honour the time you have carved out during your day for your practice by being fully present.  That said, every once in a while you will read an article about ‘proper’ yoga etiquette, and those new to yoga are always asking “what do I need to know?” 

So we’ve put together a little list to assist with your etiquette questions at Laluna. (Note this list may vary for other studios, and does not include everyone’s pet peeves.) 

ARRIVE EARLY – A good bet is to arrive 5 to 15 minutes before the start of class. Latecomers are very distracting to fellow students. If you can’t help being a few minutes late, wait outside the class until any opening meditations have ended. After that, you may find the main do or locked.

REMOVE YOUR SHOES – Yoga is generally a barefoot practice. The studio stays cleanest and most hygienic if all shoes stay at the door next to the studio. (We have slippers you can borrow, or you can bring your own.)

TALK TO AN INSTRUCTOR – if you have any new health concerns, let the teacher know before class begins so they can recommend variations.

TURN OFF YOUR CELL – Make a habit of doing this before you step into the studio space. It’s a small space and a cellphone ringing is distracting to everyone.

BE AWARE OF PERSONAL HYGIENE – We are in close quarters in the studio – be aware of your body and its scent (sweat, perfumes, smoke) 

WEAR APPROPRIATE CLOTHING – Select clothing based on what type of yoga you’ll be doing, the temperature of the room, and what will be most comfortable for the duration of class. Avoid clothing that is too baggy and loose (which can get in your way during certain poses) as well as clothing that is too tight or revealing—You don’t want any bits falling out while you are upside down.

EMBRACE THE QUIET – People come to the studio to relax and leave their daily stresses behind. We honour this by observing as much quiet as possible while in the practice space. Please feel free to greet each other, and offer encouragement and support to each other outside the practice space (reception, change room) before and after class.

KEEP YOUR FOOTPRINT SMALL – Floor space in a classroom can be limited, so keep your “footprint” small.  Leave your coat, purse, keys, etc, in the cloakroom.

EXCUSE YOURSELF QUIETLY – If you must use the restroom during class, excuse yourself quietly and try to wait for between poses or until a resting pose. Remember: put your mask on when you leave your mat!

STAY UNTIL THE END – if the class is an hour, plan on staying the full hour. Packing up and leaving during class (unless you are ill) is disruptive to the rest of the class and means you’ll be missing the best part of the class! If you must leave early, inform the instructor and leave prior to the start of our final pose - savasana.